Professor Shôn Lewis MD, FMedSci

Photograph of Shôn Lewis

Professor of Adult Psychiatry

3.308 Jean McFarlane Building

University Place

Oxford Road

Manchester M13 9PL


Professor of Adult Psychiatry, University of Manchester 1994-current

Director, Institute of Brain, Behaviour and Mental Health 2012-current

Honorary Consultant in Psychiatry, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

Associate Director, NIHR Mental Health Research Network 2004-2015

NIHR Senior Investigator and Senior Leader 2008-current

Member, Executive Greater Manchester CLRN 2009-2015

Academic Lead, Mental Health Domain, Manchester Academic HS Centre 2013-current

Trustee and Board Member, Rethink Mental Illness 2009-12


Shôn Lewis's research interests focus on risk factors and new interventions in schizophrenia and psychosis, including the use of new technologies. He has published 5 books and 180 scientific articles, including 3 citation classics. He receives research funding from MRC, NIHR and EU.



Shôn Lewis has been Professor of Adult Psychiatry at the University of Manchester since 1994.  He trained clinically at the Maudsley Hospital. He has been Chair of the Royal College
of Psychiatrists’ research committee and served on the Wellcome Trust and the MRC Neurosciences and Mental Health Boards.


His research interests focus on risk factors and new interventions in schizophrenia and psychosis, including the use of new technologies. He has published 5 books and 180 scientific articles, including 3 citation classics. He receives research funding from MRC, NIHR and EU. He was elected in 2008 as a fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.  He has held an NIHR Senior Investigator award since 2008.


He works as an honorary consultant psychiatrist in Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust and was R&D Director 2004-8. He was a trustee and board member of the charity Rethink Mental Illness 2009-12 and was involved in setting up the Schizophrenia Commission. He is Associate Director of the NIHR CRN Mental Health and Neuroscience Division and is Director of the Institute of Brain, Behaviour and Mental Health at the University of Manchester.


BSc Psychol (1st Class)





F Med Sci




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